Rotary Capping Systems & Solutions

Zalkin freestanding rotary cappers are known worldwide for their reliable and repeatable performance and their durability in even the most demanding production environments. Rotary cappers are diverse and versatile to meet unique product requirements. Working efficiently, these machines are available in mid to high speed models. Features on these machines include fast changeover, durable construction, and maximum flexibility. Zalkin offers unmatched capping technologies, like pick and place. These capper configurations are high quality, high performance machines.

Zalkin rotary capping systems include:

  • Snap-On Cappers
  • Screw-On Cappers
  • Electronic Cappers
  • Push-In & Snap-On Cappers
  • Roll-on Sealing Cappers

For inquiries about the rotary capping systems, contact Zalkin today.

4/8 Head Capper with Twin Turret for Pharma – for 24 mm spray caps and overcaps at 7,200 bph.

5-Head Screw-on Capper for Pharma - application of 38 mm caps at 7,200 bph.

Capper for Pharma at 7,800 bph - featuring quick Bottle Handling Changeover.

10-Head electronic capper combines application of inserting pumps with application of screw-on caps at 10,000 bph.

4 Head Capper for Food (spices) at 7,200 bph – featuring Twin-Turret configuration on the same base.

14-Head Roll-on sealing Capper for Beverage - for aluminum Roll On Pilfer Proof caps onto aluminum bottles at 24,000 bph.