HCT - Head Changeover Tool

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The Head Changeover Tool is a time-saving tool designed to support capping heads during changeover operations.

The support tool improves overall safety by allowing operators to mitigate manual handling of heavy capping heads during format changeovers. This custom tool can be installed on any Zalkin capping system and can support 6 to 12 kg by utilizing a preloaded spring harness.

Ease-of-use & Time Saving

  • Weight bearing support reduces the exertion required of the operator during format changeover
  • Makes head changeover easier for operators & technicians
  • Allows for faster changeovers, especially on machines with a large number of heads
  • When not in use, support tool locks into place (control via sensor) to not interfere with production
HCT - Head Changeover Tool Specifications
  • Footprint200 x 350 x 650 mm (when locked)
  • RangeMax. 450 mm (from main axis to head axis)
  • Components MaterialMainly 304L stainless steel
  • Spring Axis Material440B tempered stainless steel
  • CleaningResistant to standard CIP
  • Inductive SensorFor lock position control
  • Electrical Requirements24 V (for inductive sensor)
  • Air RequirementsN/A