CA Type Roll-on Sealing Capper - Rolling On Pilfer Proof Caps

Application of 38 mm ROPP aluminium closures with short flange on 355 ml aluminium bottles up to 24,000 bottles per hour.

400 l vertical cap feed elevator to automatically supply caps to the U1200 cap orienter with quick release disc segments for tool-less quick cap changeover.

Cap chute with cap dispenser.

Cap application with 100 type stainless steel roll-on sealing heads with quick release fitting

Gradual roll-on sealing by means of a double-action cam to effectively seal the bottle while not deforming the neck finish on the bottle as the cap is formed.

The head thread and tuck-under rollers will form the shell precisely to the bottle finish, assuring a secure, leak proof, tamper evident package.

Featuring direct cap transfer: cap pick off by the bottle.