Servo Capping Heads

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Zalkin’s servo driven capping heads are a high-performance, low maintenance option for every Zalkin capper.

Servo capping heads are ideal for:

  • Low, medium or high-speed applications
  • Operations requiring a wide range of torque requirements
  • Wet production environments
  • Screw-on, snap-on and push-in closures
  • Precise chuck control and accurate cap orientation
  • Monitoring and recording capping head performance for every applied closure - applied torque is measured and captured for every cap applied to every container
More Info About Servo Capping Heads
  • Electronic Servo MotorsServo capping heads replace magnetic torque control systems with the precision performance of electronically controlled servo drives and motors. Each servo capping head includes its own servo motor and drive which provides precise, consistent cap application from every capping station.
  • HMI Torque AdjustmentsApplication torque is set via the HMI and torque adjustments via the HMI are fast and precise.
  • No Mechanical ComponentsServo capping heads eliminate mechanical components such as gears and rotating spindles. Capping chucks also mount directly to the servo motor which eliminates any loss of application torque versus belt drive systems.