Freestanding Inline Cappers

The Zalkin family of inline cappers includes Beltorque® systems.

Beltorque standalone inline cappers are a great choice for:

  • Speeds up to 300 cpm (18,000 cph)
  • Screw-on or snap-on closures
  • Versatile, flexible operation
  • No capper change parts required for different closures or closure diameters
  • Space constrained line layouts
  • Re-torquing applications

Beltorque inline cappers utilize patented, synchronized belts to apply screw-on closures to containers. Their belt design offers consistent, gentle cap application with no scuffing.

Zalkin’s range of Beltorque inline capping systems is unmatched in the industry. Let us design and configure a perfect solution for your application.

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The Zalkin family of capping systems includes beltorque® belt driven cap applicators and capping systems.