Full Line Capping Systems

Zalkin is a global leader in rotary and single head capping systems and Beltorque® is a leading supplier of inline capping systems. We work with customers to meet unique product needs, requirements, specifications, and constraints. When supplied as part of an integrated capping system, these components offer unmatched performance because they are designed and configured to work seamlessly together to deliver the required results.

Our capping systems typically include a combination of the following components:

  • Capping Heads (Zalkin)
  • Cap Applicator (Beltorque®)
  • Cap Orienter
  • Cap Elevator
  • Cap Conveyor

To learn more about Zalkin capping systems, follow the link below.

The foundation of every Zalkin capping system is a clear understanding of the customer’s needs, requirements, specifications and constraints for each and every application.

Zalkin loves challenges. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on your challenging capping application. Check out a few examples here.