Screw-On + Roll-On Capping Heads

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Zalkin screw-on + roll-on capping heads offer dual function cap application designed specifically for the wine and spirits industries. They are capable of applying TOPP closures to glass bottles at speeds up to 900 cpm (54,000 cph).

Screw-on + roll-on capping heads are compatible with both rotary monobloc, rotary freestanding and single-head cappers and like all Zalkin heads offer fast, tool-less changeover.

TOPP closures, also referred to as Torque-on Pilfer-Proof closures, feature a plastic, screw-on fitment inside an aluminum closure. This style of cap provides twist-off and twist-on reclose convenience for the consumer as well as the security provided by a roll-on tamper evident or pilfer proof band.

Dual function screw-on + roll-on heads apply TOPP aluminum closures in a single operation. They are a high-performance solution that combines Zalkin’s constant torque screw-on capping technology with our roll-on capping technology for aluminum closures.