Bloc Screw-On Turrets

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Zalkin rotary screw-on cappers for bloc systems use Zalkin’s proven pick and place technology to apply plastic screw caps (including tethered) to containers at speeds up to 1,500 cpm (90,000 cph).

With pick and place technology, caps are transported single-file via a chute and fed individually into a transfer starwheel with pockets or pegs. The caps are then secured by capping head chucks which then apply the closures using precisely controlled top pressure and screw-on torque.

Virtually every filler manufacturer including Krones, KHS, Federal, Pacific, Serac, U.S. Bottlers, Elmar, Bertalosso, MBF, TechLong, BevCorp, Sacmi, Weightpack, Ocme, MRM Elgin, PackR, Fogg and Sidel all routinely incorporate Zalkin systems in their bloc fillers.

The high-performance heart of Zalkin screw-on cappers are the capping heads that deliver reliable, repeatable and accurate closure application.

Zalkin application engineers work closely with customers to select, design and configure the capping head technology that is ideally suited to each application and production environment.

For more details, check out the Zalkin screw-on capping head technologies.

Bloc rotary screw-on turret highlights:
  • Full integration technical support for filler OEMs
  • Multiple models and options accommodate a wide range of speeds and applications
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Speeds up to 1,500 cpm (90,000 cph)
  • 3 to 48 capping heads
  • Ability to handle lightweight containers at high speeds
  • Ability to handle hot-filled and flood-filled containers
  • Fast tool-less capping head changeover
  • Closure diameters from 18 mm up to 200 mm
  • Five standard as well as custom pitch diameters
  • Multi-turret configurations are available (two or more capping turrets on same bloc base)
  • Three series of capping heads provide solutions for a wide range of torque application and control requirements

To accommodate the wide range of available closures, Zalkin offers three series of capping heads each with multiple capping chuck and capping head options:

  • M-Series – Oscillating magnetic torque application and control
  • H-Series – Constant magnetic torque application and control
  • Servo – Servo driven torque application and control