Zalkin Application & Site Configured Systems

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The foundation of every Zalkin capping and cap handling system is a clear understanding of the customer’s needs, requirements, specifications and constraints for each and every application.

Zalkin systems are designed and configured for specific applications and they take into account the containers, the closures, the product, the production environment as well as the real-world constraints of fitting equipment into existing or challenging line layouts.

Zalkin capping systems are application-specific and built-to-order. Zalkin never offers cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all solutions.

The project goals for every Zalkin installation are simple and straightforward:

  1. Specify, design, configure and install equipment with capabilities that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.
  2. Provide systems with components that work together seamlessly to operate at rated speeds and quality specifications.

Zalkin application engineers work with customers to identify and select the technologies that will meet their project requirements. These technology selections include:

  • Capping head(s)
  • Cap conveyor
  • Cap elevator
  • Cap orienter
  • Container flow direction
  • Special production environment including explosion proof washdown configurations (CIP/COP)

Other system components are custom designed by Zalkin engineers for each application. This includes:

  • Capping lower parts (chucks, jaws)
  • Container handling parts
  • Cap orienter parts
  • Cap chutes
  • Interfaces and site-specific design features to accommodate line layout requirements, production workflow requirements or footprint constraints