iMo.CA MH cappers

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iMo.CA MH is a user-friendly capper offering significantly reduced maintenance time with very fast format changeover and high reliability.

  • It is intuitive with a new HMI interface for easy preventive maintenance operations and diagnostics.
  • It is predictive with alerts on HMI for maintenance plan to reduce downtime.

During its life time iMo.CA MH can be upgraded with additional smart modules to collect operating data and help you better manage your production.

iMo.CA MH is designed to provide a long-term reliability

  • It is scalable with pre-configured modules which can be added on the machine, all along its life, to accommodate new functions
  • It is modular to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer goods industry (packaging 4.0)
  • It is sustainable with the latest servo motor generation and pneumatic functions reducing energy consumptions.

The global energy performance of iMo.CA MH can be monitored to detect deviations for an environmentally responsible maintenance.

iMo.CA MH is a Smart Capping Machine, equipped with the latest communication and data management systems following OMAC Pack ML standards,

  • It is extremely efficient with advanced capabilities in computing production data, analyzing trends and anticipating deviations.
  • It is eminently qualitative with highly customized recipes for each of your SKUs as well as extended traceability of your productions.

For an easy integration iMo.CA MH, can be standalone master or slave with advanced OMAC Pack ML.

We always strive to improve the quality of our solutions and raise up our standards of hygiene and safety, to guarantee the integrity of your product.

Smart Packaging Machine offering:
  • Modularity
  • Product integrity
  • Ergonomy
  • Lower consumption
  • High level hygienic design
  • Easy integration