Freestanding Capping Machines

Zalkin & beltorque® offer a full range of freestanding cappers capable of repeatably and reliably applying a wide range of closures to virtually any rigid package on the market today.

The Zalkin family of freestanding machines includes:

  • Zalkin Rotary and Single-Head Cappers and Rotary Decappers
  • Beltorque® Inline Cappers - Belt

The Zalkin range of capping technologies and capper configurations is unmatched in the industry.

Let us design and configure a perfect solution for your application.

Get in touch with a Zalkin representative near you for more information about Zalkin capping systems and equipment.

Zalkin freestanding rotary cappers are known worldwide for their reliable and repeatable performance and their durability in even the most demanding production environments.

Zalkin single-head cappers are a high-performance option for low to mid-speed production lines.

Zalkin offers two models of rotary decappers for removing plastic caps from returnable PET and glass bottles.

The Zalkin family of inline cappers includes Beltorque capping systems for speeds up to 300 cpm.