Insert + Close Capping Heads (Pumps & Triggers)

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Zalkin Rotary Insert + Close capping heads are ideal for a range of dispensing containers at speeds up to 300 cpm (18,000 cph) including:

  • Trigger spray bottles
  • Hand pump bottles
  • Finger spray bottles
  • Siphon bottles (carbonated beverages)

Rotary Insert + Close capping heads include several different combinations of designs and capabilities. These capabilities include:

  • Insert + Screw-on
  • Insert + Roll-on
  • Insert + Snap-on

The combinations of required operations are determined by Zalkin application engineers in cooperation with customers as well as pump and cap suppliers.

Insert + Close capping heads complete a multi-step closure application process for pump and spray containers that will include some combination of the following:

  1. A pump assembly with dip tube is inserted into the container,
  2. The pump is crimped onto or screwed onto the container,
  3. A decorative cap or collar is applied to the container
  4. An overcap is applied to the container

The caps, collars or closures applied can be screw-on, roll-on or snap-on depending on customer or product requirements. This capability makes Zalkin the system of choice for challenging spray or pump bottle applications.