Roll-On Sealing Capping Heads

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Zalkin offers three different diameters of roll-on sealing capping heads for applying aluminum closures to glass or metal containers.

Zalkin’s proven roll-on capping heads are recognized throughout the wine, spirits and beer industries as best-in-class and they are known for their consistent, dependable performance.

Like all Zalkin capping heads, roll-on sealing heads are compatible with Zalkin freestanding rotary cappers, monobloc rotary capping turrets and single head freestanding cappers.

Key Zalkin roll-on capping head components and their functions:

  • Pressure Block – Captures the closure, centers it over the bottle’s neck finish, compresses the top of the cap and cap liner, and tightly forms the cap around the outer rim of the container’s neck finish.
  • Top Load Springs – Four top load springs provide the sealing force for the top of the closure and compensate for variations in container heights. This is particularly important for glass bottles.
  • Side Load Spring – Applies pressure to the closure skirts during the application process to assure the entire closure conforms to the container.
  • Thread Roller – Forms the skirt of the aluminum cap into the neck finish threads on the container. The thread roller precisely follows or traces the bottle finish threads to assure an effective seal and to assure the closure will be easy to open and reclose. It essentially marries the aluminum closure to the container’s neck finish.
  • Pilfer Roller – Forms the tamper evident feature at the lower end of the aluminum closure skirts.