Custom Capping Heads

The high-performance heart of Zalkin cappers are the capping heads that deliver reliable, repeatable and accurate closure application. Zalkin offers a wide range of designs and options that help tailor capping heads to specific customer applications.

Zalkin offers proven, high-performance capping heads for the following applications:

  • Screw-on heads, for plastic screw caps
  • Roll-on heads, for aluminum caps
  • Push-in heads, for T-corks and plugs closures
  • Snap-on heads, for flat caps and overcaps
  • Screw-on + roll-on, for TOPP caps (Torque-on Pilfer Proof)
  • Insert + close heads, for dip tubes, pump sprays and triggers
  • Decapping for screw-on closures

Zalkin’s range of capping head technologies and capper configurations is unmatched in the industry. Let us design and configure a perfect solution for your application.

Get in touch with a Zalkin representative near you for more information about Zalkin capping systems and equipment.

Zalkin extends its screw-on capping head range with the highly adaptable H6 Compact. It’s time for you to deploy the proven Zalkin H6 Hysteresis technology on your overall installed base!

Screw-on capping heads are compatible with all Zalkin freestanding rotary cappers, monobloc rotary capping turrets and single head freestanding cappers.

Zalkin offers three different diameters of roll-on sealing capping heads for applying aluminum closures to glass or metal containers.

Zalkin push-in and snap-on capping heads are compatible with rotary bloc, rotary free-standing and single-head cappers and like all Zalkin heads offer fast, tool-less change over.

Dual function screw-on + roll-on heads apply Torque-on Pilfer Proof (TOPP) aluminum closures to wine and spirits bottles in a single operation.

Every Zalkin capping head can be configured with optional servo technology for precise closure application and orientation.

Zalkin offers a wide range of capping heads specifically designed for trigger and pump closures.

Zalkin offers two different decapping heads for removing plastic or aluminum caps from returnable glass and PET bottles.

Lube-free head slide is fitted for screw-on cappers and reduces contamination risk on screw-on cappers

The Head Changeover Tool is a time-saving tool designed to support capping heads during changeover operations.