Production Equipment Control & Calibration

Zalkin offers quality control equipment to help with line efficiencies. Please click into one of the options below to get more information. Control and calibration options are designed to help customers easily measure, detect, and control machinery. Designed to control defective caps, measure torque, and calibrate sealing head rollers, these systems are versatile, precise, and reliable.

Customizable solutions available include:

  • TCT – Torque Calibration Tooling
  • RCT – Roller Calibration Tooling
  • ZC-PRISM Closure Inspection & Rejection Module
  • Z-INSPECT - Bottle and Cap Camera Inspection

For more information on our control and calibrations solutions, contact Zalkin today.

The Torque Calibration Tool helps our customers easily measure the application torque of their screw-on capping heads and the removal torque of applied closures.

The Roller Calibration Tool helps our customers to calibrate the rollers of their sealing heads.

The new Zalkin Pre-Inspection & Sorting Module has been developed for high speed detection and control of defective caps.

Z-Inspect helps the pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care industries to control and monitor their capping quality, after capping or during intermediary steps.

The ACI (Assurance of Capping Integrity) system for the single head FTM-300 and FTM-300 TANDEM was created to provide an accurate inspection of large format containers. The ACI system provides 100% inspection for every cap applied to ensure proper quality.