Rotary Push-In (Push On) & Snap-On Cappers

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Our freestanding rotary push-in (push on) and snap-on cappers use Zalkin’s proven Pick and Place technology to apply a wide range of cap styles and geometries to containers at speeds up to 60,000 bph.

With Pick and Place technology, caps are transported single-file via a chute and fed individually into a transfer starwheel with pockets or pegs. The caps are then secured by capping head chucks which then apply the closures using precisely controlled top load pressure.

Push-in (push on) and snap-on capping applications fall into two general categories:

  • Simple push-in or snap-on function with no orientation required (e.g. fitments, plugs, etc.)
  • Push-in or snap-on with orientation of the applied closure to the container (e.g. hinged caps, caps with pouring features or caps with branded graphic elements).

These two types of applications are addressed with a complete range of high performance capping heads that deliver reliable, repeatable and accurate closure application.

Freestanding rotary push-in and snap-on capper highlights:
  • Multiple models and options accommodate a wide range of speeds and applications
  • Push-in and snap-on capping head configurations provide solutions for a wide range of cap requirements
  • 3 to 24 capping heads
  • Five standard pitch diameters: 300, 360, 480, 640 & 720 mm PCD
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Closure diameters from 12 mm to 120 mm
  • Fast capping head changeover
  • Custom pitch diameter configurations are available
  • Multi-turret configurations on the same base are available