Insert + Close Cappers

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Zalkin Rotary Insert + Close systems are ideal for a range of dispensing containers at speeds up to 300 cpm (18,000 cph) including:

  • Trigger spray bottles
  • Hand pump bottles
  • Finger spray bottles
  • Siphon bottles (carbonated beverages)

Rotary Insert + Close cappers include several different combinations of capabilities. These capabilities include:

  • Insert + Screw-on
  • Insert + Roll-on
  • Insert + Snap-on

Every Rotary Insert + Close capping system completes a multi-step closure application process for pump and spray containers that will include some combination of the following:

  • A pump assembly with dip tube is inserted into the container,
  • The pump is crimped onto or screwed onto the container,
  • A decorative cap or collar is applied to the container
  • An overcap is applied to the container

The combinations of required operations are determined by Zalkin application engineers in cooperation with customers as well as pump and cap suppliers. The caps, collars or closures applied can be screw-on, roll-on or snap-on depending on customer or product requirements. This capability makes Zalkin the system of choice for challenging spray or pump bottle applications.

A typical Insert + Close system would include the following components downstream of the filler:

  • Cap elevator(s),
  • Cap orienter(s), and
  • Capping turret station(s)

Depending on the application, one or more of each these system components may be required. Regardless of the required quantity, each and every system component will be specifically designed and configured to meet or exceed customer requirements.

Zalkin Insert + Close system highlights:

  • Speeds up to 300 cpm (18,000 cph)
  • Capable of running a wide range of pump and spray fitments, closure types and container sizes
  • Dip tube lengths up to 280 mm
  • Dip tube elevators, cap elevators, dip tube orienters, cap orienters, and capping heads are application specific versions of proven Zalkin technology
  • Components are designed to fit the requirements of each application – custom designs are offered
  • Stainless steel construction