Capping Systems & Capping Heads

The ProMach family of capping system brands includes Zalkin and beltorque®.

Collectively we offer the widest range of capping systems, solutions and technologies in the industry.

Zalkin is a global leader in rotary and single head capping systems and beltorque® are leading supplier of inline capping systems.

Every Zalkin and beltorque® capping system is designed and configured for each customer’s specific application, requirements, line layout and site constraints.

FTM-300 cappers are a great option for large format containers (35 lb.) for food, agriculture, and chemical industries.

The Oppti.Cap range offers Innovative, MOdular rotary multi-head and single-head cappers.

Zalkin and beltorque® offer a full range of freestanding rotary, single-head and inline cappers.

Zalkin is the recognized leading global supplier of rotary capping turrets, cap orienters and cap elevators for high performance bloc filling systems.

Zalkin and Beltorque® cap handling systems include cap orienters, cap conveyors, cap feeders and cap elevators.

The high-performance heart of Zalkin cappers are the capping heads that deliver reliable, repeatable and accurate closure application.

Zalkin and Beltorque® offer complete parts and service support for their capping systems.

Zalkin offers quality control equipment to help with line efficiencies.

Zalkin and Beltorque® each supply integrated capping systems that include cap applicators, orienters, elevators and feeders.