TM300 Automatic Single-Head Capper

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The TM300 single head capper is designed for applying any type of plastic or aluminum closure at a maximum recommended speed of 2,500 caps per hour.

Two capping station configurations with two sequential single capping heads are available for two step operations in order to combine multiple functions (e.g. fitting of insert, followed by application of screw-on cap).

Zalkin TM300 single-head automatic capper highlights:

  • Closure diameters from 18 mm to 120 mm
  • Custom designs have run closures as small as 13 mm and as large as 146 mm
  • Fast closure and container changeovers
  • One base size, with four different container handling starwheel pocket options for different container shapes and speeds
  • Intermittent starwheel motion for container handling
  • Continuous motion for capping
  • Machine manual or electrical height adjustment


  • Steam or nitrogen injection systems
  • Programmable logic controller and operator interface
  • Various detections (presence of integrity seals before push-in capping, presence of caps at the machine outfeed, etc).