TM135 Automatic Single-Head Capper

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The TM135 single-head capper is available for applying roll-on aluminum closures (ROPP) or screw-on caps (Lux / Novatwist) to glass, PET or aluminum bottles at speeds up to 2,500-2,800 caps per hour (depending on the cap type and the bottle being processed).

This capper features a fully integrated system with a cap elevator incorporated within the framework of the capper.

Zalkin TM135 single-head automatic capper highlights:

  • Direct cap pick off
  • Closure diameters from 18 mm to 120 mm
  • Fast closure and container changeovers
  • One base size, with four different container handling starwheel pocket options for different container shapes and speeds
  • Intermittent starwheel motion for container handling
  • Continuous motion for capping
  • Bottles introduction by accumulation
  • Machine manual height adjustment


  • Steam or nitrogen injection systems
  • Programmable logic controller and operator interface
  • Various detections such as presence of caps at the machine outfeed, etc)