Single Head Capping Equipment

Zalkin single-head cappers are high-performance options for low-speed production lines. Reliable and efficient, the single-head capping machines are versatile to accommodate screw-on, roll-on, push-in, snap-on and screw-on and roll-on applications. Designed for high speed and low-speed applications, the single-head capping systems are efficient to accommodate diverse closures.

Applications that benefit from the single-head cappers include:

  • Speeds up to 50 caps per minute
  • Fast changeover
  • Washdown Environments

Find a Zalkin representative to learn more about Zalkin single-head capping systems.

Single head roll-on sealing capper for wine

Single head capper featuring Snap-on and Screw-on cap application for Food.

Single head snap-on capper for beverage and distilled spirits.

Single head brushless screw-on capper with electronic head slide - 1,500 bph - Personal Care.

Single-head capper for application of ROPP closures to glass or aluminum bottles.