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Zalkin offers on-site, hands-on Training Programs for freestanding and monobloc capping systems.

Training programs are tailored to the needs of each customer based on their unique requirements.

All training programs are conducted by experienced Zalkin Field Service Engineers.

Interested in getting a quotation for on-site training?

A telephone conversation with our Field Service Supervisor covering the following topics will give us everything we need to prepare a quotation for a customized program:

  • The serial number(s) of the Zalkin equipment currently operated in the facility.
  • The # and job functions of the personnel to be trained (operators, maintenance, controls, etc.).
  • Subject scope of the training (capper, orienter, elevator, etc.).
  • Priority training topics that require in-depth coverage.
  • The amount of time available to conduct and complete the training.
  • Special training needs or considerations.

Need a quote or have a question?

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