Control & Calibration Equipment

Zalkin offers quality control equipment to help with line efficiencies. The Zalkin ZC-Prism closure inspection and rejection module is a control and calibration machine designed to offer multiple detection capabilities. Control and calibration solutions ensure maximum productivity, line efficiencies, and control in each application. By measuring, detecting, and calibrating applications, the control and calibration machines are versatile and precise.

Control and calibrating options feature:

  • Data collection reports
  • Designed for plastic cups
  • Robust Design

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ZC-Prism Closure Inspection & Rejection Module offering multiple detection capabilities to help increase line efficiencies.

The TCT or Torque Calibration Tool is utilized to verify application torque delivered by the capping head magnetic clutch assembly. This video demonstrates full operation of the TCT

Roller Calibration Tool (RCT) has been developed to more accurately measure side loads that are critical in the setup of a sealing head for the application of Roll-on aluminum Pilfer Proof Closures.