Zalkin Exhibits the Largest Range of Advanced Capping Solutions At Pack Expo 2017

Sep 19, 2017

Zalkin features a high-speed, small footprint capping machine ideal for the pharmaceutical industry, an entry-level capper that breaks ground in price and performance, and new TM135 sealing machine with integrated cap elevator. (Zalkin Booth # 3418)

STATHAM, Ga. — Zalkin, powered by ProMach, showcases at Pack Expo 2017, September 25-27, in Las Vegas, a range of innovative, competitive, and versatile capping solutions that deliver greater efficiencies. On display will be a Beltorque by Zalkin capper with limited changeover cost and small footprint, ideal for the pharmaceutical industry, an entry-level rotary sealing machine, and a high-speed screw capping turret. (Zalkin Pack Expo Booth # 3418)

Zalkin Capper Heads Pack Expo 2017

Small footprint, high-speed in-line pharmaceutical capping machineoffers flexiblity

The Zalkin Beltorque in-line capper is a unique continuous-motion, high-speed capper with an integrated cap feeder that applies caps and tightens to required torque. This machine offers extensive flexibility in the number of bottles with no tool, quick changeover and minimum change parts at speeds of up to 300 bottles per minute. This stainless-steel machine offers fast line clearance and is manufactured following Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) standards.

High performance Zalkin 14-head capping turret mounts onto any monobloc filler

The capping turret displayed is designed to mount onto a monobloc filler to run salad dressing bottles at 450 BPM. This turret incorporates the following state-of-the-art design features: quick-release capping chucks for no tool, quick changes; quick-adjust torque setting on capping head; lubrication-free capping head design, self-lubricating bushings for headslides, and corrosion-resistant construction.

New Zalkin TM 135 entry-level capper provides performance and flexibility at a groundbreaking price

The Zalkin TM135 is an innovative entry-level capper rated at up to 60 units per minute. The machine on display at Pack Expo will be able to apply roll-on aluminum closures to either glass, PET, or aluminum bottles and is a fully integrated system with a bulk cap feeder/elevator incorporated within the framework of the capper.

Zalkin is also displaying: the H6 hysteresis screw capping head with quick release chuck for 28 mm 1881 double seal, super shorty screw closure; BH5 magnetic screw capping head with quick release chuck for 38mm VHS Silgan cap; and the type 97 Stainless steel ROPP Sealing Head.

“This year’s Pack Expo exhibit, is taking Zalkin’s capping systems to a whole new level, we are striving to show a range of solutions that would bring a capping solution to all show attendees looking for linear or rotary capping solutions,” said Franck Vidal, vice president of sales and marketing for Zalkin. “Pack Expo 2017 is an excellent opportunity for customers to not only sit down with Zalkin for capping discussions, but also with Pacific Packaging and Federal Manufacturing exhibiting in adjacent booths, for insights onin-line and rotary filling solutions. In effect, Pack Expo will provide a one-stop shop session at the ProMach Bottling and Capping Group Island.”

Be sure to stop by the Zalkin Pack Expo Booth #C-3418 to see the latest capping solutions. For more information about Zalkin capping and cap handling solutions, call 877-549-3301, and visit the Zalkin website,

About Zalkin

For more than 90 years, Zalkin has led the global bottling and capping industry with innovations, with efficiency, and with greater control over product quality. Zalkin produces custom-made, high-speed capping machines for beverages, foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and beyond. Zalkin is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Bottling & Capping business line, Zalkin helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Zalkin at and more about ProMach at

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