Dairy Industry

Zalkin is a leading provider of innovative and versatile capping solutions tailored to the ever-evolving needs of the dairy industry. Their Screw-on cappers are designed to accommodate a wide array of dairy products, ranging from creamers and drinkable yogurts to almond milk and multi-pack dairy items.

Zalkin dairy capping

Zalkin boasts an impressive track record, with about 400 cappers in the dairy sector and over 5,500 cap handling systems operating across the globe. These systems cater to diverse clientele, ranging from small-scale producers to global industry giants, handling cap application speeds from 1,500 to 72,000 caps per hour.

Zalkin's Bloc Screw-on Turrets are ideally suited for ultra-clean filling environments, where high-volume, round-the-clock production on multiple lines is the norm. Given the dairy industry's stringent hygienic and safety requirements, these high-speed machines ensure the utmost quality and integrity of the caps for the final dairy products.

What sets Zalkin apart is the adaptability to seamlessly integrate ancillary equipment into their capping solutions. This includes cap orienters, conveyors, elevators, as well as dedusting devices, UV lamps, and pulsed sterilization systems on the cap chute.

Zalkin's rotary screw-on cappers, either standalone or for bloc systems, harness their proven Pick and Place technology, capable of swiftly applying plastic screw caps, including the brand new tethered closures, to containers.

In the Pick and Place process, caps are meticulously transported single-file via a chute and fed individually into a transfer starwheel with pockets or pegs. The capping head chucks then precisely apply the caps with controlled top pressure and screw-on torque.

What truly distinguishes Zalkin's cappers? Their reliability and flexibility. They can effortlessly handle various bottle and cap styles, unique closure shapes, and different bottle sizes. Zalkin's bottle handling equipment is tailored to each bottle's specific design to ensure maximum control and gentle handling throughout the capping process.

In summary, if you are in the dairy industry, Zalkin's capping technology is your go-to solution to guarantee quick, straightforward, and flawless packaging. Our dedication to meeting and exceeding your sanitary and safety standards showcases our commitment to serving the evolving needs of our customers from the dairy sector.