Beverage Industry

Zalkin specializes in high performance capping and cap handling systems. With innovative technology, Zalkin offers efficient, safe, and durable capping solutions for a full range of applications suitable for a variety of industries.

Working with bloc filler manufacturers and end-users in the beverage industry, Zalkin has more than 1,200 beverage industry customers and over 5,500 capping systems operating worldwide. Our customers range from small beverage producers to the largest global brands requiring high-speed production up to 100,000 caps per hour. Beverage products include carbonated soft drinks, sparkling and still bottled water as well as hot-fill and cold-fill beverages.

Zalkin cappers are capable of running PET, HDPE, glass or aluminium bottles with high operating efficiencies.

For applying screw-on caps onto PET, HDPE or glass bottles, Zalkin offers multiple capping head models to accommodate diverse closure options including pre-threaded flat caps, tamper evident, sports caps, flip-top, and tethered caps. Screw-on heads feature constant magnetic torque, oscillating magnetic torque, or servo driven torque application and control. These capping heads are ideal for high operating speed production environments including carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, and other beverage applications.

For the application of aluminum roll-on closures to glass or aluminum bottles, Zalkin offers a range of solutions to ensure quality and efficiency. Aluminum roll-on closure heads are offered in varying diameters and fitted with a choice between tuck-under rollers or thread rollers for closure application. Features on the roll-on capping heads include standard bronze or stainless steel construction, no cap and roll action to prevent thread finish damage, and maximum throughput for increased production.

Why Zalkin is the right choice for beverage customers?

  • Versatile capping systems: flexibility to run multiple styles of bottles and caps, or the need to run unusual closure shapes and bottle sizes
  • Capping Turrets: integrated on filler mono-bloc and equipped with 3 to 48 heads. Offered in pitch circle diameters up to 2000 mm
  • All bottle handling equipment (BHE) is designed and built specifically for the bottle to be run to assure maximum control and gentle handling. All bottle handling equipment is of quick release design requiring no tools for changeover.
  • Capper solution to suit ultra clean filling environments that support high volume production running 24/7 across multiple lines.
  • With stringent hygienic and safety and standards, the beverage industry requires precise, sanitary, and safe product handling machinery. These high speed machines work to cap beverage bottles, cans, and other containers to ensure the quality and integrity of the final product.
  • Zalkin cappers can accommodate ancillary equipment including cap orienters, conveyors and elevators as well as dedusting device, UV lamps and pulsed light sterilization system on the cap chute