Cap Conveying Systems

Zalkin cap conveying systems are designed to work within the workflows, line layouts and space constraints of each production line.

Zalkin cap handling engineers work closely with customers and line integrators to configure cap conveying systems that ensure smooth, uninterrupted production.

Zalkin cap conveyors are available in two basic configurations:

  • Horizontal: Transport non-oriented caps between two pieces of equipment to accommodate line layout requirements. A horizontal conveyor is most commonly installed above a floor mounted cap elevator
  • Air conveyor: Transport oriented caps from a cap orienter direction to the capping turret

Conveyed cap distances can range from a few meters to a hundred meters or more for line layouts that require cap storage and loading outside the production area.

Zalkin cap handling systems offer unmatched performance because each component is best-in-class, and all system components are designed to work together to meet or exceed a customer’s expectations.

Get in touch with a Zalkin representative near you for more information about Zalkin capping systems and equipment.