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WE'VE MOVED!  Please update your records with our new contact information.  ZALKIN, 1965 Statham Drive, Statham, GA 30666.  Our contact numbers have not changed.


Repair Kits

Capper Repair Kits
Zalkin stresses the importance of performing the routine maintenance on your capping heads, headslides, and chucks. Zalkin typically recommends rebuilding capping heads and chucks every 6,000 hours and headslides at 18,000 hours.  Zalkin recommends annual audits to ensure that your plant conditions do not warrant more frequent maintenance. As with any type of machinery, proper maintenance will ensure optimal performance and will significantly increase the life of your heads, headslides, and chucks. Performing the annual maintenance will also lead to improved efficiency, less bad cap applications, and fewer rejections. Check the Maintenance Plan in your manual to ensure timely maintenance on these vital assemblies.

Zalkin offers repair kits with every commonly needed part to perform a complete rebuild. Repair kits will allow you to schedule the preventative maintenance around your production schedule rather than required maintenance determining your production schedule. Step by step instructions for the rebuild procedure are included to ensure that a properly trained mechanic can complete the rebuild. This will significantly reduce your overall maintenance cost and down time. All parts are individually labeled and easily identifiable. Each part included is a genuine factory part designed specifically for your head, chuck, or headslide. Simplify your purchasing, inventory, and Preventive Maintenance for your machine.  One part number is all you need! Call the parts experts at Zalkin today to order your repair kits.

Call Zalkin today to order your repair kit: 706-549-3300