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WE'VE MOVED!  Please update your records with our new contact information.  ZALKIN, 1965 Statham Drive, Statham, GA 30666.  Our contact numbers have not changed.


Engineering Department

In addition to the usual engineering tasks associated with machine design, functionality and safety, our staff of nine mechanical and four electrical engineers provide line layout assistance at the plant level and routinely confer with project engineers to assure that the equipment meets every expectation, not only for the Factory Acceptance Test, but also in the day to day performance of the machine. We strive to be a "Can Do" company through the achievement, experience and expertise of our engineering group. Engineering design standards, in order of importance, begin with safety, followed by performance, durability, and user friendliness, all of which are guided by industry standards such as UL, GMP, OSHA, ANSI/IEEE and others.

Engineering is responsible for providing up-to-date drawings from which the machine manuals are created. Engineering is further tasked with assuring that drawings are backed up and stored off-site in order to maintain safe copies in the event of a disaster.

Engineering is available to provide on-site assistance with difficult machine conversions and installations, as well as project reviews and start-ups.