Automated Bulk Cap Loading System

Opening and dumping corrugated boxes of caps into feeder bins takes time. It also takes machine operators away from what they are paid to do…operate the production line.

Knocking-down and recycling corrugated cap boxes also takes time. Again, this task takes operators away from what they are paid to do…operate the production line.

And, as everyone knows, an operators’ time is valuable both in terms of expense and in terms of line productivity.

Zalkin automated bulk cap loading systems free-up operators to focus on machine operation and line performance by automating the loading of caps into feeder bins.

Automated bulk loading systems dump full pallet totes of caps, also referred to as Octabins, into bulk feeder bins. Full pallet totes are staged by fork lift drivers, and from there, the loading process is automated.

Each full pallet tote of caps replaces approximately 1 pallet of traditionally boxed caps that must be opened and dumped by operators into feeder bins.

This can save up to 10 minutes of operator time per hour. Over the course of a year, time savings will easily exceed 600 hours.

From the bulk loading system, non-oriented caps are transported via Zalkin cap conveying systems to secondary cap feeding components or directly to cap orienters.

Zalkin automated bulk cap loader highlights:

  • Speeds up to 2,000 cpm (120,000 cph)
  • 1.7 cubic meter cap bin capacity
  • Automated cover for cap bin keeps dust and debris out
  • Closed transition system assures loading process does not introduce dust or debris into the cap bin
  • Bulk loading system can be located anywhere in the facility – it does not need to installed in the production area
  • Cap level detection sensors standard
  • Stainless steel construction

A truly automated, labor saving solution.

Zalkin application engineers work closely with customers to design and configure the automated bulk cap loading system that is ideally suited to each application and production environment.

When supplied as part of a Zalkin capping system, Zalkin automated bulk cap feeders offer unmatched performance because they are designed and configured to work seamlessly with other system components.

Get in touch with a Zalkin representative near you for more information about Zalkin capping systems and equipment.