PE Connects Demos

The PE Connects 2020 demos show the versatility of Zalkin capping machinery. These systems are dynamic to accommodate a wide range of applications for various industries with unique requirements. Zalkin cappers include screw-on cappers, roll-on cappers, push-down cappers, and more. Zalkin cappers are seen in action on aluminum bottles, plastic cups, etc.

PE Connects 2020 Zalkin demos featuring:

  • 8-Head Screw-on Capper for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 14-Head Roll-on Capper for application of Aluminum closures onto Aluminum bottles
  • 10-Head Push-down Capper for the Food Industry
  • Calibration Tools
  • Repair Kits and Capping Head Rebuilds
  • Help Lightning interactive remote assistance

Watch these demonstrations to see Zalkin capping equipment in action.

Screw-on Capper Demo for Pharmaceutical Industry

14-Head Roll-on Capper for application of aluminum closures onto aluminum bottles.

Push-down Capper for the Food Industry

The TCT or Torque Calibration Tool is utilized to verify application torque delivered by the capping head magnetic clutch assembly. This video demonstrates full operation of the TCT

Roller Calibration Tool (RCT) has been developed to more accurately measure side loads that are critical in the setup of a sealing head for the application of Roll-on aluminum Pilfer Proof Closures.

In this video, Zalkin Life Cycle Management team members describe our aftermarket Parts Kits and Rebuild Program.

Virtual interface between the Zalkin service office and the customer provides remote assistance combining local & remote streams for interactive help sessions.