ZC Line

The ZC Line inline quality control module enables Zalkin to expand its activities to a market segment closely related to capping: quality control.

This stainless steel control machine, which is very easy to clean, has been designed for an industrial environment, so that it can be installed in bottling lines.

It is standardized for multi-format operation, and it is compatible with glass, PET and aluminum bottles.

ZC Line is an SPC (Statistical Process Control) tool composed of three measuring stations:

  • Removal torque control module
  • Weight control module
  • Leak test control module

Torque Measurement Module

  • to measure opening torque (non-destructive test)
  • and/or bridge failure torque
  • and/or overscrewing torque (destructive tests)

Weight Module

  • to measure weight of bottles (scale certified by means of official metrology)

Leak Test Control Module

  • to measure the pressure that could make a leak appear between the bottle and the cap