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WE'VE MOVED!  Please update your records with our new contact information.  ZALKIN, 1965 Statham Drive, Statham, GA 30666.  Our contact numbers have not changed.


Bottle Cappers

Bottle cappers or bottle capping equipment provided by Zalkin gives you the clear cut industry leader in bottle capping machine production. With the exceptions of crowns, straight wall corks, and "lug" style closures, Zalkin has bottle capping equipment to apply closures to virtually every rigid package on the market today. Every bottle capping machine we build is designed to meet the needs of the bottle capper industry for which it is being used as well as for the requirements of each individual buyer.

Our ability to tailor the bottle capping equipment has helped some of the most difficult package closing projects come to a successful completion. We do offer three categories of bottle cappers - Screw Cappers, Press / Push-On Bottle Cappers & Roll-On Bottle Cappers - for any of your potential needs. If your search for just the right bottle capping solution does not appear with our website, contact a bottle capping expert directly. Creating unique bottle capper solutions keeps us at the leading edge of bottle capping technology and ahead of our competition.

CAS 8/360 Capping Machine for Pharmaceuticals

The high speed CAS 8/360 pharmaceutical capper with a vision-based inspection system offers extensive flexibility in the number of bottle sizes at speeds of up to 240 bottles a minute.

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Screw Capper

The Screw Capper works at a high speed for reliable cap application of screw caps.

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ROPP Capper - Roll-On Bottle Capping Machines

The ROPP Capper is fast and effective to ensure your products are tightly sealed.

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The T.M.-3 is a semi-automatic ROPP Capper designed to complete the package closing process.

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Roll On - Bottle Capping Machines

These systems ensure customers receive tightly sealed roll-on bottle capped products.

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Rotary Capper - Rotary Capping Equipment

The Rotary Capper applies closures to screw cap products with speed and precision.

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Fowler Products Introduces a New Two-in-One Zalkin Screw and Seal Capping Head

Fowler Products Introduces a New Two-in-One Zalkin Screw and Seal Capping Head

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