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WE'VE MOVED!  Please update your records with our new contact information.  ZALKIN, 1965 Statham Drive, Statham, GA 30666.  Our contact numbers have not changed.


Screw Capping Machines

Zalkin offers a variety of screw (rotary) capping machines for a number of different industries and products. The high speed bottle capping heads provide for repeatable and reliable cap application of the screw caps. The rotary cappers use presorted caps that are picked up and secured and then placed on the containers. Zalkin offers the CAS Series, CAE Electronic Series, and Tangential Infeed CAST Series screw type cappers. For detailed product descriptions follow the links to the product pages.

Serving a variety of industries, when you need quality machinery to meet your manufacturing needs, the screw capping machines are the perfect solution.  The CAST Series, CAE Series, and CAS Series work at high speeds to improve time efficiencies while maintaining precision.

Reducing product spillage, the screw capping machines offer features to keep products safe and sanitary.  When you need heavy duty machinery for durability and a long lifetime, Zalkin products are rugged and dependable.  Reduce labor costs, get the screw capping machines, and exceed product requirements.

Screw Type Tangential Infeed Bottle Capper category thumbnail

Screw Type Tangential Infeed Bottle Capper CAST Series

The CAST Series Tangential Infeed Capper is a screw capper system for reduced product spillage.

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Screw Type Electronic Bottle Capper category thumbnail

Screw Type Electronic Bottle Capper CAE Series

Automatic, electronic screw type bottle capper unique to Zalkin.

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Screw Type Bottle Capper category thumbnail

Screw Type Bottle Capper CAS Series

High speed screw capping machine capable of applying caps at speeds up to 1200 bottles per minute.

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